Don't cancel your event - Go virtual!

Creating and hosting a meeting, conference or company event is an efficient and effective way to communicate, drive change and market your brand – but what happens when hosting a big live event is not an option? Go virtual!

We’ve gathered resources and tips to help you create a successful digital meeting – regardless if you want to find new solutions for your closest colleagues to meet or if you are planning a global event.

Producing a Digital Event

  • Four options for planning and producing your event
  • From simple online meetings to professional streaming
  • Tips on how to make your digital event successful
Gamification increases audience interaction and engagement

Using an Event App

  • Checklist for your digital event
  • Create dialogue and engagement during your meeting
  • Provide a social space for your attendees

Online Meeting Tech

  • The five most popular platforms
  • From simple online meetings to professional streaming
  • Compare pros and cons to find the best solution for your meeting

Professional Streaming

  • What you need to know to live stream on your own
  • How to work with professional streaming
  • Recommended partners for your virtual event

Case: Virtual Conference

  • The global company created a distributed digital meeting
  • The audience participated in workshops and polls through the app
  • Digital interactivity and dramaturgy created focus and engagement

Adapted Agenda

  • Examples of how to structure your event content
  • Differences between live and virtual events
  • Download our storyboard!


  • How to keep your audience focused and engaged
  • Your event has more in common with a rock concert than you think
  • Start out strong and go out with a bang

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