3 Tips to Create a Modern Conference with Lasting Impact

Consider this: Today’s digital world is a massive hodgepodge of information. From the breaking political news story to the latest celebrity tweet, this constant barrage of information from various sources makes it more difficult for your audience to retain information over time.
So how do you make your important information stick when you’re fighting for brain space with Beyoncé’s twins? You need to engage your participants with creative meeting formats, exercises and conversations to get their attention. Here’s some tips on how to create long-term impact by making important information more interactive and sticky.
Interactivity helps people remember what you saidblogg bild
People tend to remember very little after a meeting. Studies show that lectures are a poor method of influencing others and that participants remember less than 5% of the content. However, when participants are part of the conversation the rate of retention is 70%.
By mixing short presentations with well-planned interactivity, you will see a dramatic increase in information awareness, collaboration and retention which, in turn, will yield a better experience with long-lasting results.
Stay interactive beyond the meeting
It’s important to be interactive during your meeting or conference, but it’s just as important to stay interactive after that meeting or conference has ended. Most organizations miss out on huge opportunities to increase audience engagement, drive information retention, gain valuable insight around important topics, or get buy-in from the overall organization through consensus.
Whether you choose to use technology, traditional dialogue, workshops or open space-exercises, organizations greatly benefit from interactivity for many business needs beyond the time and day of a meeting or conference.
Connect with your audience more efficiently through technology
A great meeting or conference app lets you easily and quickly distribute highly relevant information, interact with you audience in real time and instantly gain valuable insight from your audience to help drive your initiatives. It should also lets you continue that interaction and engagement after an event or over multiple events.
With MeetApp, you can accomplish all of the above while creating a great experience for you participants. MeetApp is a mobile app that provides opportunities to inspire, inform and create participation and engagement. Simply put, this native app will give you plenty of interactive opportunities to create a modern conference with lasting impact.