Our Complete Guide to Creating a MeetApp Event

Whether it’s your first time creating an event in your app or if you’ve done it a million times before, it’s never too late to take a step back and think over your content strategy. To simplify the process for you, we have gathered our popular user guide blog series here for easy access. Just click on the headline to read more about that step.

Step 1 – Structuring your event program

The program feature is where you set up your event agenda. Here, you can organize the program items into single or multiple tracks, use tags for easy filtering and set up easy evaluations for your sessions.

Step 2 – Stage your information

Your event most probably will contain alot of information that can be difficult for attendees to overview and digest if not organized clearly and intentionally. In this post, we discuss different ways of staging your information, and what to think about while creating your information structure.

Step 3 – Plan for dialogue and activity

Dialogue and activity are what engages and motivates your attendees. In the third step of our user guide, we go through the different dialogue features, how you can use them to engage and interact with your attendees, and what to think about while setting them up.

Step 4 – Add participants

No event without its participants – here we explain how and why to add your participants list to the app, and we provide some tips on how you can use this feature to prepare targeted communication to different attendees.

Step 5 – Peripherals

In short, peripherals are the additional features within MeetApp. In this final blog post, we share our thoughts on how you can use features such as the image gallery, social media feeds, and in-app notes to make your event memorable to your attendees.

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