Solution in short:
  • Gather all information, interaction and networking in a user-friendly platform
  • Stream webinars and hold virtual workshops by integrating MS Teams
  • Promote interaction and dialogue through polls, surveys and push notifications

With approximately 21,000 employees in seven countries, of which 4,700 are colleagues in Sweden, Telia offers the best connection in the best networks and continues to invest and innovate for a more digital and sustainable society.

Every year, Telia holds over 50 major meetings and events to inform, inspire and further train its employees in Sweden and internationally. MeetApp is used here as an important tool for gathering information and promoting dialogue between participants.

Business needs

“It was important for us to find a solution that gathered several different types of functionality in one place, MeetApp was easy to use and made the event more interactive.”

– Shani Persson, Development Lead at Telia

Telia, together with an external partner, were to hold a three-day event for 120 leaders from six different countries, with the aim of educating, inspiring and promoting the exchange of ideas and networking between the participants. The plan was to meet in person, but due to COVID-19 they had to switch to virtual. It was important for Telia to:

  • Create a virtual meeting place where all participants could share the same event experience
  • Make it easy for attendees to attend and find the right information among a variety of program formats and information
  • Promote dialogue and exchange of ideas in smaller workshop groups and break-outs
  • Communicate and collect feedback in an efficient and effective way

”It was important for us to find a solution that gathered several different types of functionality in one place, MeetApp was easy to use and made the event more interactive”

Shani Persson, Development Lead at Telia


Telia arranged a virtual event where a variety of components were gathered on one platform. The content was adapted to the digital format through a concise and varied event program, with a focus on interaction between participants:

  • Streamed presentations, virtual workshops and workshop materials were made available via both the app and the web platform
  • The participants were divided into workshop groups, and they could find links to individual break-out rooms via “My information”
  • With the help of push notifications, polls, surveys and reminders about when it was time to gather were easily sent out to the participants


With the help of MeetApp, Telia was able to create a smooth and effective virtual event experience. They found that the platform combined different types of functionality into one interface, which was a great advantage for the user. The fact that both users and administrators alike could move seamlessly between the web and mobile apps made the event experience easy and flexible – you can choose to participate on the big screen but also take the conference with you if you want to take a walk.

The participants in Telia’s Executive Program also expressed appreciation of having everything gathered in one place; streamed presentations, workshops through MS Teams, speaker bios, powerpoints, external websites embedded in the app, as well as reminders, polls and surveys sent out via push.

3 reasons to choose MeetApp according to Telia





Everything in one place – on any device

MeetApp combines different types of functionality in one place, which means that all participants can enjoy the same event experience. The flexibility of being able to switch between computer and mobile also makes it easy for everyone to participate on their own terms.


Easy interaction that facilitates dialogue

Sending out polls and surveys via push notifications facilitates interaction and dialogue between participants and organizers. Telia had a response rate of 75% in all surveys and dialogue questions, which contributed significantly to discussions and exchanges of ideas during the conference.


Quick and high-quality customer support

“I am very grateful that MeetApp’s support staff was so responsive and willing to help at short notice, we always got a quick response and there was always someone available when we needed help”, says Shani Persson, Development Lead and co-organizer of the Telia Executive Program.