Solution in short:
  • Coordinate and distribute information in an inspiring, smooth, and comprehendable way to all of the participants.
  • Increase networking using in-app exercises and activities.
  • Evaluate and measure results and goals using MeetApp’s evaluation features.
“In order to carry out the experience we wanted to create together with Grant Thornton, we needed a collaborative partner who could help us reach out to all individuals before, during, and after the conference in an engaging manner. Part of that work was done through an event app.”

– Fia Nordin, Senior Partner at PS Occasion

Grant Thornton has 1,200 employees in 24 offices around Sweden and provides services in auditing, finance, tax, and advisory. Throughout the year, they support 27,000 companies and organizations in Sweden with their finances.

Event agency PS Occasion was hired to arrange an internal conference with a ”Get Together” theme; the aim of this event was to come together to form a consensus on the company’s business plan and to establish new connections. To best accomplish this, PS Occasion implemented MeetApp and utilized it before, during, and after the conference, delivering a positive and memorable experience to attendees.

Business needs

“There was a lot of information that had to go out before, during, and after the event. Each guest had their own unique journey through the conference. A great exchange of knowledge would take place over three days and between 1,200 guests. MeetApp and its solution became the perfect partner for that part of the project.”

– Fia Nordin, Senior Partner at PS Occasion

Grant Thornton held a large conference for all 1,200 employees in Sweden, which placed high demands for coordination, structure, and user-friendliness when it came to the role of an event app. To create a valuable event that aligned with Grant Thornton’s goals, PS Occasion sought a solution that would:

  • Motivate employees to develop their networking skills and create new connections.
  • Coordinate and distribute information, both general and individual, in an accessible and understandable way.
  • Create an in-app community where colleagues can collaborate from different locations.
  • Implement evaluations with transparent and easy-to-analyze results.

Each guest had their own unique journey through the conference. A great exchange of knowledge would take place over three days and between 1,200 guests. MeetApp and its solution became the perfect partner for that part of the project.

Fia Nordin, Senior Partner at PS Occasion


To meet Grant Thornton’s needs, PS Occasion used several of MeetApp’s features throughout the entire process of the event:

  • A couple of weeks before departure, the employees prepped for the conference by downloading the app, where they were welcomed by a motivating podcast.
  • Prior to the event, the participants were able to choose which activities they wanted to participate in. All information about transport, accommodation, group division, assignments, and other details were tailor-made for each participant within the app.
  • On the way to the conference facility, the participants were given various challenges and assignments through the app. They were able to communicate with each other while scattered amongst different buses via the app; through the Activity Feed, they shared pictures and comments.
  • During the conference, the employees attended various workshops. In the app, they were able to read instructions, ask and answer questions, take notes, and view real-time results. They received motivation and instructions from the organizers through push notifications.
  • Participants took part in two questionnaires: one on the way to the conference to assess their level of knowledge, and one on the way home that indicated how much they developed and allowed them to express their post-conference sentiments.


With MeetApp, Grant Thornton provided conference attendees with a valuable social platform that challenged employees to develop their networking skills and enabled long-distance dialogue throughout the duration of the event.

The value of the conference increased as a result of the app. Before the event, the organizers had the ability to start prepping and engaging the participants, exciting the participants for what is to come. The increased engagement also contributed to the knowledge acquisition during the conference as the employees had a better knowledge retention once the conference concluded.

Instead of distributing information through a variety of channels (i.e. e-mail, printed material, verbally in meetings), the participants were able to find everything they needed housed within the app; in there, they were able to take note of important details and discover fun and inspiring information.

The evaluations (of the employees’ level of knowledge and expectations before the conference and of their development and evolved perception on the way home) revealed that MeetApp increased the value of the conference and helped Grant Thornton accomplish its goals.

For this event, PS Occasion won the Golden Wheel 2019!

3 reasons to choose MeetApp





Inform and update

Instantly deliver your agenda, speaker bios, practical information and presentations. Show pictures from the stage or from break-time networking. Update important information in real-time using push notifications. Tailor content for each participant, such as group information, selected sessions, flights and accommodations.


Motivate and interact

Let participants suggest seminar topics. Challenge them with real-time polling and follow up with questionnaires. Gather questions from the audience for speakers and create real-time word clouds of participant opinions to quickly read the mood and deepen the discussion.


Network and socialize

MeetApp makes socializing any private meeting or conference easy. Participants can display their contact information, chat and share pictures. This increases attendee networking and creates a vibrant event experience.