Solution in short:
  • Deliver education to members in a contactless, virtual setting
  • Use prerecorded video feature to provide on-demand, accessible learning for members
  • Track success rate and member demographics via the admin reporting system

In order for opticians to maintain their licensure, they must continue expanding their education each year like any other healthcare professional. Since 1990, the Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) has been dedicated to providing licensed opticians in Canada with the knowledge and expertise they need in order to be of highest professional standard and proficiency.

Before the pandemic, the OAC held an annual conference to deliver education to licensed opticians, however, they needed to find a socially-distanced solution in 2020. The OAC began using MeetApp to host monthly virtual meetings so that they could continue delivering education to their members.

Business needs

“[I’m] happy we built an online community.”

–Dalie Schellen, Professional Development and Industry Relations Coordinator

The OAC needed to find a way to remotely educate licensed opticians, so in lieu of the live annual conferences, they began using MeetApp’s virtual platform for monthly meetings and on-demand learning. The OAC’s goals included:

  • Providing accessible, user-friendly virtual courses on a reasonably-priced platform
  • Increasing engagement and members’ level of education
  • Having the ability to track success of education deliverance
  • Connecting with a support system for learning the app and for potential technical difficulties

“The best thing about MeetApp is that you can really push the boundaries on what you think you want to do.”

Dalie Schellen, Professional Development and Industry Relations Coordinator at the OAC


The OAC was grateful to have the support of the MeetApp team in overcoming the challenges of transitioning to virtual meetings. MeetApp’s platform improved the OAC’s education deliverance system by:

  • Giving members the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere with prerecorded presentations and full access to materials within the app
  • Providing admins with an easy-to-use reporting system so they can track progress
  • Making it easy to partner with other companies to privately deliver information in the app
  • Heightening engagement and the level of educational achievement


With MeetApp’s on point support team and customizable features, the OAC was able to build a virtual community to continue delivering education to licensed opticians. The app is user-friendly—at least 3 members over the age of 80 are able to successfully use the app. They found that the age gap in education continuance began to level off since transitioning from live events to virtual. Younger opticians (approximately 40 and under) are now participating more than ever before.

The convenience of learning anytime, anywhere boosted participation and achievement among licensed opticians as they are receiving 3 times more education since going virtual. The on-demand learning feature and easy access to materials increased member engagement.

In addition to making learning easier for members, MeetApp’s tracking and reporting system makes admins’ lives easier. MeetApp provides organized and comprehensive data for admins to view results of online education.

Satisfied with their MeetApp experience, the OAC plans to continue building, exploring, and expanding with the platform in order to prepare for future hybrid events.

3 reasons to choose MeetApp





Inform and update

Instantly deliver your agenda, speaker bios, practical information and presentations. Show pictures from the stage or from break-time networking. Update important information in real-time using push notifications. Tailor content for each participant, such as group information, selected sessions and individual preferences.


Motivate and interact

Let participants suggest seminar topics. Challenge them with real-time polling and follow up with questionnaires. Gather questions from the audience for speakers and create real-time word clouds of participant opinions to quickly read the mood and deepen the discussion.


Network and socialize

MeetApp makes socializing easy. Participants can display their contact information, chat and share photos with each other . This increases attendee networking and creates a vibrant event experience.