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About Marcus Falck

Marcus Falck is co-founder of MeetApp. Marcus is responsible for product and business development. On his free time, Marcus enjoys travelling, dining out with friends and snowboarding.

MeetApp information available in additional languages

We now have information available about MeetApp in all Nordic languages as well as German. See links below. Finnish: Norwegian: Danish: German:

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MeetApp winner of Red Herring Europe Top 100

We are proud to announce that MeetApp is one of the winners of the 2016 edition of Red Herring Europe Top 100. Red Herring Top 100 Europe enlists outstanding entrepreneurs and promising companies. It selects the award winners from approximately 1,200 privately financed companies each year in the European Region. Since 1996, Red Herring has [...]

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Would you like to increase engagement in your events?

Popular speakers commonly make use of engagement strategies that require fast feedback. Due to the functionality and ease of its features MeetApp has proved to be a valuable aid for them in increasing participant involvement. You can break participants up into smaller groups and let them discuss over single or multiple response text feedback. You [...]

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Would you like to make the most of your customers’ preferences to improve product development?

MeetApp allows you to efficiently gather your customers’ preferences and correctly prioritize them in order to optimize your product development. Having a correct insight of what your customers ask for is a key to enhance your offer. One of our clients has yearly meetings where they present new products and gather ideas about new solutions [...]

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How do you ensure the same share of voice to your participants in a decision making process?

MeetApp turns up to be a fantastic tool to allow democratic decision making. For instance, the board of a membership organization proposed to increase membership fees as a means to finance future investments. Earlier attempts of raising the question had failed due to a few participants loudly objecting the proposal. MeetApp smoothed the way for [...]

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MeetApp helps people find their way

Whether it is a police department, trying a new interactive way to communicate with its community; or an 80,000 employee major airline trying a way to get feedback from each staff member, MeetApp allows a powerful way to communicate and engage. Amina Elahi  illustrates the exciting prospect MeetApp  represents in terms of new ways to [...]

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How about an instant evaluation tool to increase response rate?

We know how frustrating it is to deal with low response rates to your evaluations, especially when you do not count with an instant evaluation tool to ensure responses. Response rates tend to be low and attendees’ responses are not accurate when memories are not fresh. One of the features our clients appreciate the most [...]

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How do you empower employee initiatives in times of corporate changes?

Every company with a solid background has periods of ups and downs in their economy. It's hard having to resort to budget cuts and having to inform the personnel with decisions that will ultimately affect them. Indeed, part of a good corporate culture is to involve staff in the decision making process of the company [...]

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Using PowerPoint to display MeetApp dialogue items

Integrate MeetApp directly into your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Use MeetApp in your slides by following these steps: Inside PowerPoint navigate to the ribbon menu option “Insert”. Select “Store” and search the Office Store for “MeetApp”. Click on the MeetApp add-in in the list of search results. This will bring up a more detailed presentation of [...]

MeetApp launches partnership with Poker championship event

MeetApp is proud to be one of the partners for the Swedish poker championship (Poker-SM). The championship takes place between 4th and 9th of November at Casino Dragonara in Valletta, Malta. Using the Poker-SM app players and spectators will be able to keep up to date with tournament schedule and happenings during the event. For [...]

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