Are attendees swiping right on your event? Learn how to network the right way using an event app! 

Networking is important! Mingling with your peers is not just a nice break in your busy schedule, it’s also a great way to network, get to know new people and develop new skills – both personally and professionally. 

Grow your competence

It is becoming more common to view networking as a way to grow competence. With structured networking and meeting people on a similar professional or experience level, you can get invaluable information, tips, and support that will help you grow in your own role – this goes for everyone from the CEO to the assistant. 

If we keep this in mind, how do we get our attendees to get the most out of their networking at your next event or conference? 

Purpose, purpose, purpose

Just like with every other event, meeting or conference, it is extremely important to have a clear purpose and goal when it comes to networking. To let your attendee’s mingle without having a set structure or goal will result in the social superstars leaving with one or two numbers and the rest of your attendees hanging around people they already know. Meaning you have poured a lot of money and effort into something that turned into a glorified coffee break. 

The first thing you need to figure out is what you want to gain from your networking session or event. Do you want to increase the communication between different departments, grow competence and have your attendees share from their area of expertise, discuss a topic that were talked about at the conference, or get as many people as possible to get to know each other a little better? After defining your goal and figuring out what you want to gain, you can structure the networking and guide your attendees so they get the most out of their experience. 

From mingle to matchmaking

One of the ways you can structure the networking at your next event is with the help of matchmaking! 

Don’t settle for just giving out drink tickets and letting your attendees do their own thing at your event, instead divide them into groups that have similar interests or experiences and give them assignments to do together–it will be super easy if you are using an event app with a registration feature! 

  1. Decide how you want to group your attendees and ask for essential information (for example title, interests etc) in the form when your attendees are registering for the event. 
  2. Segment your attendees in different groups based on the information they gave you in the previous step. 
  3. Send your attendees push notifications with challenges and conversation topics, choose your challenges based off of the goals you set for your event.

For example:

“Welcome to our networking mingle! The goal today is to find people to give and get support from – maybe your next mentor is standing right in this room! You are all in [occupation], but have different experience and backgrounds – start with going around the group and tell the other group members about yourself – who you are, what your biggest work challenge is, and what “skill” would you say you have the best grasp on?”

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