Grundläggningsdagens app (SGF)

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Grundläggningsdagens app (SGF)

This is Grundläggningsdagen’s app. It will be used for showing the program, speakers and other practical information. In this app you will be able to vote for “Best presentation” and “Best exhibition booth”, send feedback, answer polling questions as well as asking questions to the stage. The app may be used to send out push notifications with updates before and during the event. We hope you will enjoy using these and many more features in the app during GD.

Quick Start User Guide

Open the app and when prompted; enter the access code and/or event code provided by the event organizer. In some cases, an email address and other personal or useful information may be requested and required by the event organizer.

To get the most out of your event experience, adding or updating your personal information for others to see is recommended; e.g. a profile image, your first name, last name, company, title, email, phone etc. Easily tap in to your profile by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner of the menu and when done; save by clicking the grey update button below.

An option to import all the information above through LinkedIn is available by clicking the LinkedIn icon.

Messaging is a great feature letting you connect with other people through private messages.

To view your ongoing conversations, click the inbox icon at the top section of the menu or go to the participants section, select the participant you’d like to connect with and click chat to engage in a new conversation.

It’s recommended to enable push-notifications to prevent any messages from being missed (see SETTINGS).

Activity feed is our take on a “mini-Instagram” and lets you engage with others by letting you share in a few sentences what’s on your mind, post an image of your event experience and comment on, as well as, liking other participants posts in the feed.

The program section keeps you updated with the event program.

Tap in to view a specific program item, add to my program for future easy access and choose to evaluate to give your opinion where available. Swipe left or right for easy navigation.

Live stream / Virtual meeting

In case the event organizer is hosting a live stream or a Zoom, MS Teams, … meeting for you to join you’ll either find the stream or link in a program item or it’s available to you in the main app menu.

My information is where the event organizer conveys participant-specific information only relevant to you (e.g. your hotel room number, activity group etc.).

This information complements the general participant information posted by the event organizer (see INFORMATION).

Information is where the event organizer conveys general participant information relevant to some or all participants (e.g. the hotel location, information on exhibitors, speaker presentations etc.).

This information complements the participant-specific information posted by the event organizer (see MY INFORMATION).

Engaging in, by the event organizer, posted dialogues (e.g. questions, polls etc.) is a great way to participate and make your voice heard.

The dialogue section lets you browse through a list of all dialogue items.

Tap in and choose to engage in one of the dialogues or view the results of the same where available.

It’s recommended to enable push-notifications if you’d like to receive a notification when a new dialogue item is published (see SETTINGS).

Notice; the event organizer may also use this feature to publish important information to you at the event, whereby enabling notifications is strongly recommended if you want to be kept up to date with the latest information at the event.

The social media section keeps you up to date with, by the event organizer, chosen social media feeds.

The participants section lets you browse through a list of all participants at the event.

Tap in to view a participant profile and their contact details, choose to save as favorite, add a note to remind yourself of something about this person or use the chat feature to make contact (see MESSAGING).

To save a participant as a new contact in your phone; simply click the plus icon in the top right corner of the profile to save.

Clicking on the plus icon in the top right corner lets you add and save your own personal notes before, during or after the event.

Once saved, you can click the share icon in the bottom right corner to email the note to yourself.

The image gallery lets you browse through exclusive images posted by your event organizer.

Allowing push-notifications is recommended if you want to get the most out of your event experience.

If you haven’t already allowed push-notifications, click settings and allow to receive push- notifications from your event organizer. Notifications can also be of great use if you want to be notified of new private messages (see MESSAGING) or reminded 15 minutes before the programs under my programs starts (see PROGRAM).


Enjoy the MeetApp experience not only on mobile but also on your computer. Go to and follow the instructions on the screen to access.

Once in; everything is synced between the web and the mobile app so you can easily switch between the two.

Notice; you can install the app, just like any other software, on your desktop in your web browser settings. If on Google Chrome, select the three dots in the top right corner of the browser window and click “Install…”. This is recommended in case you’ll use the app more than once.

Click change event to switch to a different event. Once clicked, you will be prompted to enter a new event code to access another event or select one from the list. Unsure of the access code? Contact your event organizer!