Announcing the new MeetApp

After more than a year of hard development work and extensive testing we are proud to launch the next generation of MeetApp.The new version of MeetApp has undergone significant improvements in all aspects from the overall user interface and user experience down to the individual features. Besides improvements to user interface and all previously existing features the new version comes with a set of new features from day 1.New features include:

  • Brand screen – A new start screen putting your organizations brand in focus. Communicate important updates or allow your users to provide feedback across all events.
  • Dynamic menu – Use only the features relevant to your event. Tailor your events individually according to their specific needs.
  • Improved PDF support – Easier than ever to link PDF files directly to program and information items directly from the admin panel. Allow your users to download the PDF’s to their Google Drive account.
  • Segment participants – Let your participants tell you what they are interested in or what department they belong to. Send push notifications to individual target groups.
  • Note taking – Allow your participants to take notes of important information communicated during the event.
  • Image gallery – Share images from the event with your participants through the new image gallery.
  • iPad & Tablet – The user experience has been improved to make better use of larger screen sizes.

Over the next couple of weeks we will produce a set of blog posts about how these new features can be leveraged to improve your MeetApp meeting experience.
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Following are a set of screenshots illustrating the new MeetApp using our brand. Enjoy!

The new event selection process
The brand page
Event details
Event menu
Program item
Information item
Poll questions
Poll result
Note feature
Image gallery

Our demonstration app is available here:

iOS devices
Android devices

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