Corporate Leadership

Mats Bäcklund

CEO, Co-Founder

Marcus Falck

CPO/CTO, Co-Founder

Sal Camarda

CEO, Founder, North America

Our Team

Jennifer Ribbe

Client Services

Tommy Brotte

Interactivity Expert

Stefan Fredriksson

Product Specialist

Casper Rathsman

Product Specialist

Jacob Hedengren

Client Services

Elin Pernbom

Customer Success Manager

Gabriel Agrell

Customer Success

Elin Warfvinge

Marketing Manager

Mike Rios

Client Development, MeetApp North America

Anuj Gupta

Country Manager, MeetApp India

Lars Thordal

Partner Denmark

MeetApp’s mission

Our mission is to create innovative and inspiring meetings and events by using a cutting edge mobile platform to improve participant engagement, activity and networking. We continuously work on improving MeetApp with new features and design with focus on app performance, simplicity and to deliver a best-in-class user experience.