MeetApp Vision
A market leading mobile event app that transforms a passive audience into active participants
by using instant information, real-time dialogue and networking.

The MeetApp Story

MeetApp is a fast-growing company, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and Chicago, Illinois, that has established itself as a forerunner in the event industry with its award-winning mobile event app. The company was founded in 2011 by the Swedish entrepreneurs Mats Bäcklund and Marcus Falck.

Their vision was – and still is – to transform the meeting- and event industry by creating an innovative app that move away from meetings with analog content and a passive event audience to offering an inspiring and interactive user experience that energize participants.

From the beginning, the company emphasis was on creating interactive communication at events and conferences, mainly targeting corporations. Since then hundreds of apps have been built for well-known companies such as United Airlines, Microsoft, KPMG, GE, Ericsson, CapGemini, EA Games and Pfizer. As the company matured, new usage areas and verticals has been added in addition to the enterprise segment. Today MeetApp works with improving communication for a mix of clients spanning from big corporations to The Chicago Police Department, schools, communities, municipalities and public authorities.

By creating meaningful digital event experiences with focus on engagement, interactivity and networking, MeetApp has successfully been able to position itself within the event technology segment. The user-friendly app has been developed in Sweden in conjunction with corporate clients and UX-experts. All apps are custom-branded with the company colors, logo and icon.

In 2016 MeetApp happily received the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Europe award, recognizing the hundred most promising young companies with business in Europe.

Our customers matter, and simply put – our customers’ success is our success. We continuously work on improving Meetapp with new features and design, and the voice of our customers is essential in in this process. We focus on app performance, simplicity and to deliver a best-in-class user experience.

Our guiding principle to successful meetings and events is to unleash the full engagement potential of your participants before, during and after your meeting. Because happy and energized participants go a long way!

Innovate your event. Be inspirational. Take the lead.

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The MeetApp Mission

Our mission is to create innovative and inspiring meetings and events by using a cutting
edge mobile platform to improve participant engagement, activity and networking. We
continuously work on improving Meetapp with new features and design with focus on
app performance, simplicity and to deliver a best-in-class user experience.

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Empower your meeting participants with a customized Mobile Event app powered by MeetApp.

Our branded user-friendly mobile platform gives you a consistent experience across all of your events–internal and external.

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