MeetApp – A Reliable, Accessible and Sustainable Event App

People typically remember between 5-10% of what has been said during a presentation, meeting or event. By using an event app to engage in the discussion with your colleagues, ask questions to the speaker, take notes, watch videos and answer polls and surveys, you can turn that number into 50, 75 or even 90%. Engagement is key, and with MeetApp, we want to help event professionals everywhere create useful, memorable and exciting event experiences that make attendees happy and engaged.

At MeetApp, our vision is to transform the meeting and event industry by creating an innovative event app that is easy to use, accessible to all and a sustainable choice for keeping your event attendees informed, engaged and happy. MeetApp is an advanced solution made easy and accessible, and a useful tool that covers the whole event chain from registration to information, communication, engagement, networking and follow-up.

Three Ways of Creating Meaningful Event Experiences

By building a user friendly and accessible event app, we want to help create meaningful digital event experiences with focus on engagement, interactivity, networking and democracy, and we strive to contribute to a democratic society and a more sustainable world by making our event app available to a large audience. By innovating and digitizing meetings, conferences and events, we want to:

  • Increase democracy, inclusion and equality in the private and public sectors.

In the app, participants can ask and answer questions anonymously, which makes it a very powerful tool to increase democracy, inclusion and equality during meetings.

  • Facilitate and encourage lifelong learning.

MeetApp is very effective in a training or teaching context. It has been used in schools as well as at companies, and in both cases the use of interactivity and effective sharing of information contributes to a more inclusive education—and promoting lifelong learning.

  • Decrease the event industry’s CO2 footprint.

At traditional meetings a large amount of printed material is handed out to participants, most of which ends up in the trash. By using MeetApp, an event organizer can completely discard the use of paper, resulting in a significant decrease on the CO2 footprint.

In addition, we are using the latest technology to continuously develop our solution and make it a better choice for meeting and event organizers everywhere. Today, we are working on making MeetApp even more accessible, following the European Web Accessibility directive for mobile applications (read more here). By doing so our goal is to make our event app an inclusive and usable tool for everyone, everywhere.

One Planet Award for Best Mobile App of the Year

For our work with creating a reliable, accessible and sustainable solution for engaging event attendees, we are proud to announce that MeetApp has been awarded a gold for “Best Mobile App of the Year” in 2019 by the prestigious One Planet Awards.


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