6 ways to make money from your mobile event app

Any sophisticated mobile event app will provide you with several effective ways of getting your sponsors message through to your meeting participants. This is a great opportunity for you to generate revenue from your app.
Rotating banner ads
Show your sponsors brand and message at the bottom of your app. One or several rotating ads will be highly visible. You can create an ad by simply adding an image and a link to the ads landing page.
Splash screen
When the app is first opened a splash screen is shown for a few seconds. This screen can be designed to show your sponsors name or message. This is the first thing a user see when they open the app, so this is a premium location for any sponsor.
Push notifications
Let your sponsors pay for sending out a push with their message. This works particularly well when your sponsor is also an exhibitor at the event. To send a push to inform about a happening in their booth or an offer is relevant information for your participants.
List of sponsors
Allow your sponsors, exhibitors or partners to present themselves with name, text, images, video or links. Let them add contact information so that your meeting participants easily can click on a number to call them, or let them present their offers.
Combine a fun game with business! Let the participants compete by answering questions in the app – questions that are related to what your sponsors has to offer.
Hosting an agenda item
Let your sponsor be the presenter or host of a part of the agenda. Let this show in the program item in the app by using images, links and the message your sponsor want to send.