Event app for effective meetings & amazing events

Your own event app makes meetings more fun and motivating. With MeetApp, participants can access relevant information, messages and interaction from their mobile phones.

Event app for effective meetings & amazing events

With MeetApp, participants can access relevant information, messages and interaction from their mobile phones.

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One app for all your events

Whether you're planning internal meetings, large conferences or recurring courses, MeetApp can help.

Kickoffs and internal meetings:

  • Start with a “Welcome!” message or video
  • Create fun contests, like best posted picture or best idea
  • Accommodations, transportation and grouping information can be tailored for each participant

Client and partner events:

  • Energize professional events through active participation
  • Listen to what your customers are saying, in real-time
  • Instantly publish presentations and summarize panel discussions

Conferences and fairs:

  • Feature exhibitor activities and offers
  • Present your program, speakers and other relevant information
  • Make venue, WiFi, and parking information easily accessible

Public sector:

  • Increase the democracy and participation of your meeting
  • Ensure that all participants are well-informed
  • Take votes and send questions to the speaker

Change management:

  • Find out how employees feel and how much they know
  • Collect and update all your information in one place
  • Instantly gather suggestions and requests

Training and professional development:

  • Course material and links – all in one place
  • Test participant knowledge, before and after the event
  • Enhance networking between competency groups

4 reasons to choose MeetApp for your next meeting or conference:

Inform and update

Instantly deliver your agenda, speaker bios, practical information and presentations. Show pictures from the stage or from break-time networking. Update important information in real-time using push notifications. Tailor content for each participant, such as group information, selected sessions, flights and accommodations.

Motivate and interact

Let participants suggest seminar topics. Challenge them with real-time polling and follow up with questionnaires. Gather questions from the audience for speakers and create real-time word clouds of participant opinions to quickly read the mood and deepen the discussion.

Network and socialize

MeetApp makes socializing any private meeting or conference easy. Participants can display their contact information, chat and share pictures. This increases attendee networking and creates a vibrant event experience.

Exposure and optimization

One app for all your internal and external events – public or private. Give participants access to each of their events using event codes. Choose between MeetApp Enterprise (your own app in the app stores) or MeetApp Go (container app). Both editions are custom-branded with your color scheme, logo and images.

Create fun, motivational meetingswhile saving time, money and the environment.

With MeetApp, you can easily:

event app program

Deliver real-time information

Give participants immediate access to all your event information. Should your program change, you can update it in less than a minute.

Drive participation

Encourage participation with push notifications, polling questions, discussion tips and improvement suggestions. Let participants ask questions directly from the app.

Drive participation with your event app
Build your brand using your event app

Build your brand

Your own event app is a great way to reinforce your company brand and visual identity. Create loyalty by activating and motivating participants in a private environment.

Monetize your app

Give exhibitors, partners, sponsors and advertisers an opportunity to purchase in-app advertising. Send direct ads using push notifications.

Monetize your conference using an event app
Event app for social interactions

Share media & social feeds

Chat, share pictures, integrate your company’s media feeds or even show 360° pictures – all in one app.

Simplify participant registration

MeetApp Invite makes it easy to keep track of your participants. Customize your sign up page and send invitations and reminders via the admin panel. The smart integration between registration and app gives both you and your participants a seamless experience.

Simplify the event experience using an event app